Correspondence Course in Astrology

by Carl Payne Tobey

Lesson #2

The Unconscious Interpretive Apparatus and Three Survival Dynamics

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L. Ron Hubbard gives an important clue when he says that the purpose of the life dynamics is TO SURVIVE. We will show that while it is the purpose of some life dynamics TO SURVIVE, it is the purpose of other dynamics NOT TO SURVIVE in the present form. These dynamics function mathematically and geometrically, and this functioning can be calculated and predicted.


There are three Water Signs which form an equilateral triangle in the mathematical figure we have called the zodiac. These are the three emotional signs, CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES, and they-represent three different types of emotion which continually involve compulsions. To understand this lesson, we will ask you to consider the statement that LIFE IS lOO%~INTERPRETATION, and that most interpretation is unconscious. A great part of it is misinterpretation.

Sight is the interpretation of light waves. A hazy object in the dusk may become a bear for the small boy, and he will actually see a bear. His interpretive apparatus will fill in any missing details. Hearing is the interpretation of sound waves, and so on with the other of the five orthodox senses. We refer to sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch because for a time it was fashionable to deny all other senses. We do not know how many senses there are but there are more than five.

Everything coming in through the senses has to be interpreted. If you speak no language but English and you receive a telegram in Spanish, your problem of interpretation will become more complex.

Interpretation is largely an unconscious process, and therefore, we must introduce the UNCONSCIOUS INTERPRETIVE APPARATUS.

When this apparatus functions in a healthy fashion, we have instinct, intuition and good health, but it is a complex mechanism, involving many factors such as heredity and past experience, and Its mis- interpretations may be followed by abnormal reactions such as pain, illness, compulsions and even insanity.

Emotion is a reaction to interpretation or misinterpretation on the part of the unconscious interpretive apparatus.

The conception that emotion is a reaction to unconscious Interpretation of incoming extrasensory data is the result of a series of experiments over many years. The experiments began as the result of a single incident that we will mention. It happened many years ago.

A strange feeling came over the writer as he was about to leave for another city on a business trip. He didn't want to go. Reason told him to go, but this strange feeling said not to go. There was conflict, and an experiment was decided upon. He would follow his feeling and check the result.

Within an hour the telephone rang. It was an attorney calling. He had traveled 250 miles to see the writer and would arrive in a few minutes. His visit proved financially profitable to both parties. Upon his departure, the business for which the writer's journey had been planned was completed by long distance telephone.

Had reason been followed, the writer would have left before the attorney arrived.Continued experimentation revealed that emotions often result from extrasensory information not obtainable through the five orthodox senses. This is not often observed because people are not on the alert for it.

Sigmund Freud was far from the first person attempting to interpret dreams. In ancient times, they were used in an attempt to predict the future, and such illustrations are contained In the Bible. Although there are rare cases where people dream true, and an interesting case will follow, we will find more evidence if we consider the average dream as a misinterpretation of what is coming in over the extrasensory system. the writer's son tells of an upsetting dream, in which a young lady neighbor takes sick and dies. The above theory is explained to him, and it is agreed that results shall be observed carefully.

Within an hour, the young lady of the dream actually arrives and to use the telephone to call a veterinarian because her horse is sick. Twenty minutes later, she returns and announces the horse is dead. The horse had been ill at the time of the dream, which appeared a misinterpretation of the existing facts.

We have a similarity in a television set which picks up video waves and interprets them. When the set is not tuned in correctly, we receive all kinds of designs closely resembling some bad artist's conception of modernistic art.

Incidents buried deep in the memory can be restimulated in a dream. In such a dream, the names of two men met thirty years before are mentioned and thus recalled. The dream is then related to a neighbor, because of the unusual factor of recall, for the men had been met very casually at the time, and the meeting was of no significance. That the names should suddenly turn Up in a dream after thirty years seemed phenomenal. The neighbor is impressed because he knows both men personally. They now reside in a town 2500 miles away from which the neighbor has just moved The neighbor and the writer have something in common. Would the dream have occurred otherwise?

Consider that the individual is subject to a constant bombardment of "messages" coming through other than the five orthodox senses, as well as the orthodox senses, and the unconscious interpretive apparatus is constantly at work in an attempt to decode these with no help or cooperation from the conscious, because modern education has dogmatically taught us that there are no such "messages." It works on its own, automatically and the result, in most cases, is MISINTERPRETATION, which has many effects, including pain, dangerous compulsions, psychosomatic illness, aberrations, emotional upsets, mental crackups, abnormal behavior, etc. In the few cases where the unconscious interpretive apparatus, ;with sympathetic conscious help, interprets correctly, the individual is said to have good intuition.

Nervousness often appears to be the result of activity in the Unconscious interpretive apparatus. The writer has satisfied himself, by careful observation and recording of data, that when an important event affecting him is taking place at a distance, he experiences a nervous reaction. He has also noted illness connected with such events.

A sudden, unexplainable feeling or emotion may be an event that has been picked up, unconsciously interpreted or misinterpreted, and there has been a reaction in the form of an emotion, a compulsion, nerv- ousness, and in some cases illness. If the interpretation is correct, the emotion might serve a good purpose, but if in error, it may be dangerous.

Much valuable data about the functioning of the unconscious interpretive apparatus can be obtained through a careful study of laboratory experiments with hypnosis. Under such circumstances, interpretation can be directed by an operator. The interpretive apparatus will obey orders and accept commands. The hypnotized subject may be told that he will feel no pain while a tooth is pulled. The tooth is pulled and no pain is experienced because pain is a reaction to interpretation. The subject may be told that when he awakens he will have a headache upon a certain signal, and the subject will experience the headache. There can still be conflict, and a directive may be obeyed only partially.

An experiment at Harvard University will display some interesting data concerning compulsions. (See The Psychology of Suggestion, by Boris Sidis, once superintendent of the N.Y. State Pathological Hospitals.)

When an intelligent man is placed under hypnosis, the operator tells him that after he awakens, upon a certain signal, he is to rise, secure an umbrella from a corner of the room, raise it, and walk up and down the room six times.

After awakening and when the subject is engaged in animated social conversation, the signal is given. He continues his conversation, but rises, secures the umbrella, and walks up and down the room six times.


When enlightened as to the planted suggestion, he explained, "I had a terrific desire to raise the umbrella, but it seemed so silly that I fought it down."

These principles have long been exploited by advertising experts who rely on bypassing the conscious and getting their suggestions into the unconscious, where the interpretive apparatus can be directed. They rely on repetition. A newspaper editor once remarked to the writer, people will believe anything if you tell it often enough and long enough. That is the principle behind all modern advertising. Reach the interpretive apparatus and you can cause a compulsion. Someone is forced to reach for a cigarette.

These are artificially created compulsions. They are conditioned reflexes. There are also naturally created compulsions, and all compulsions have a dangerous potential. Compulsions are created by thou- sands of years of history, by your heredity, and by some very primitive things, but compulsions function mathematically, according to geometric patterns. It is possible to understand these functions, and when we understand them, like the man with the umbrella, we don't have to do as a compulsion tells us. To thoroughly understand a compulsion is a move to exclude its existence.


Let us pause to remind you that we earlier stated that it is our purpose to give you as complete an understanding of the twelve basic principles of astrology, as represented by the twelve signs of the zodiac. as possible, because the more thoroughly you understand these principles, the easier everything else will become. When you grasp these principles thoroughly, you'll almost go the rest of the way on your own. You will ultimately reach a point where you will grasp things more rapidly than we can tell them to you. You will get ahead of us. Now, let us deal with the very first of these principles.


The primitive purpose of CANCER is Individual Survival. This is the most primitive of all life purposes. Are you going to get enough to eat, or are you going to starve to death? Only one thing counts. Are you going to get enough to eat? Unknown to themselves, in many people, there is a record about this, and it plays over and over. It constantly repeats this question. There is no rest, for this record plays on, day and night. It never stops.. There is buried fear of a food shortage, of possible starvation.

In a civilization where there is an excess of food, this dynamic loses its utility, but it continues to function, and it constantly influences the interpretive apparatus, resulting in misinterpretations. It employs the same methods adopted by modern advertising agencies, for they copied it.

Later, you will have the opportunity of studying those people whose lives are dominated by this dynamic. Their behavior will have a new meaning for you. You will understand them better than they understand themselves.

One person may become a thief or a sharp business man. His methods may ultimately destroy him, but if they do riot, they may do ample damage to others. He may be very selfish, and he may overeat, thus ruining his health. There may be balancing factors, so that he gets along without too serious consequences. After all, he is friendly. lie is not violent. He is nice to you, and you will have to like him, because he seems harmless. You may feel sorry for him. He is such an un-offensive person. He wants company, he is insecure: he doesn't like to be alone. He might marry for money or to get a good cook. He has a close affinity for a dining room or a kitchen. He is usually looked upon as domestic, because he unconsciously clings to the home and the kitchen, where the food is kept. He likes people who invite him to dinner.

He saves things. In fact, his wife complains about the way he keeps the home and the back yard cluttered up with junk. He is a conservative. (Calvin Coolidge and John D. Rockefeller were of this sign.) He may hide money away in strange places. The women may be babyish (so are the men), welcoming protection, and usually drawing it to themselves. Such people are always interested in shortages, and will buy up a short supply, in order to resell at a profit. These people are great traders, and are constantly testing you to see how ripe you may be for a trade that would be profitable to them. The men have a favorite expression, and no matter how much they accumulate it, they will keep repeating it. It goes, "I'm just a poor boy trying to get along." This expression always seems to be a dead give-away. It will peg them every time. Thefactor of arrogant pride is completely lacking. They are humble and not above begging. They make excellent salesmen, because they sense what the client needs, or they will study carefully until they learn, and will tolerate any kind of abuse in order to clinch a sale.

There is never complete relaxation for something might go wrong, and there is ever a fear of poverty in old age. Such fears are ever being fed into the interpretive apparatus. Yet, these people are kind. When John D. Rockefeller became the wealthiest man in America, he became noted for giving away newly coined dimes. They cost no more than old worn out dimes. The primitive still operates.

The writer's study of the birth dates of 5000 men listed in Who's Who in Commerce and Industry (later published in Season of Birth, Ellswortn Huntington of Yale University) revealed that Cancer men were the most successful in the accumulation of money.

The disease Cancer was originally named after this sign of the zodiac. The disease is an accumulation of extra cells. There is no statistical data at the moment to show whether there is any connection. It should ultimately be investigated to determine whether the disease may be the result of unconscious misinterpretation relating to fear of non-survival due to a food shortage.

It should be noted that the ancients associated this sign with the stomach and the breasts.

Various zodiacs found in different parts of the world had different symbols for Cancer, but there appears to be no place where the sign was not symbolized by a shell fish. The most common symbol was the crab to portray the characteristic of tenacity. The crab grips and hangs on, and the Cancer native is likely to grip and hang onto money and possessions in the same primitive manner. In dream symbology, kitchens or dining rooms appear to have some association with the individual survival dynamic. Such dreams may portray an unconscious fear of insecurity. We suggest, as an unproved fact, that the dynamic may have some association with the sense of smell. We know that the sense of smell is over-emphasized, and these people are very outspoken as to what odor is pleasant or unpleasant.


The primitive purpose of SCORPIO is family survival. This is the next most primitive of all life purposes. The life of the family began before that of the individual and extends beyond the life of the individual. Are you going to continue the family? Will someone steal your mate? By making sex a desired act, nature endeavors to perpetuate the family. The ancients associated Scorpio with the sex organs, but because of the quick temper that is also associated with Scorpio, there may be an additional connection with the adrenal glands. At birth, this dynamic is always conditioned. There is an almost infinite variety of possible patterns sex life can follow, and some of them can be very destructive. There are stimulants, curbs and shock absorbers. The sex dynamic is powerful and not something that can be handled successfully by invoking one set of rules for all persons, which is a dangerous procedure on the part of society. When insanity involves violence, it also involves the sex dynamic. All other violence involves the sex dynamic directly or indirectly. Violence is an expression of fear.

Pains and fevers also have an association with this dynamic, but this will not include all types of pain. It will not include a toothache. We will discuss this elsewhere. As we have stated, pain rises as a result of unconscious interpretation. It can be closely identified with sex. The sadist has to inflict pain to become sexually aroused, while the masochist has to endure pain to become aroused.

It is an odd circumstance worthy of investigation by the medical profession that the astrological and mathematical factors that create excessive sex desires under some circumstance will be accompanied by biological conditions necessitate surgery under other circumstances. This suggests the possibility that many physical aliments concern unhealthy functioning of the sexual system resulting from misinterpretations by the unconscious interpretive apparatus.

Conflicts involving this dynamic are perhaps the most vital studied in astrology. They involve pain violence, murder, rape and matters that occupy much space in sensational magazines end newspapers, furnishing the background for best-selling fiction. Accidents are usually caused by faulty functioning of this dynamic One's attention is usually placed elsewhere, often in another moment of time.

This dynamic can express itself in temper and violence, when the unconscious interpretive apparatus interprets an incident as a threat to family survival, but the force can be poorly directed. It misses the mark.

The writer once had a Boston Terrier as friendly as they come, but she objected to anyone pulling her tall. If you pulled her tail, she would bite, but she would not bite you. You would be behind her, and would bite whoever was in front of her, without investigating.

If the boss gives Mr. Smith a bad day, Mr.Smith may go home and beat up his wife or children. He does not beat up the boss. The force follows the course of least resistance. The attack is on the weak.

Children are often the object because they can't defend themselves. The release of emotion follows the course of least resistance. If the boss himself' has this dynamic stimulated, everyone at the office may have a bad day. If the teacher has her family survival dynamic frustrated the night before, the children must be punished. The husband may leave his wife and hate a man who admires her, so he beats up his wife. Children are probably the chief victims of the misdirection of this dynamic. In turn, they catch what the adult has, and cruelty may be their reaction. It becomes the way to act.

Although vindictiveness is associated with Scorpio, there is an unconscious primitive cunning, for this dynamic fails to function before superior power. It seldom directs its force against a more powerful opponent, but will submit to and endure pain on such occasions, and this is where masochist tendencies appear to begin. In sadism, the desire to inflict pain is aimed toward the loved one instead of a possible competitor. Jealousy arouses the sex passion. Cruelty is an abnormal sex reaction.

We have stated there are conditioning factors, and there are circumstances where general tendencies can be reversed. The old buffalo bull will fight to the death rather than allow a young bull to share his cows. The cows will become sexually stimulated and will also attack the old bull as soon as his defeat is apparent, and for future reference, note that the bull was the symbol of another sign of the zodiac, Taurus, the sign exactly opposite Scorpio.

This dynamic can express itself in love or hatred. Love brings family continuation. Hatred is intended to protect the family. If the mate is indiscreet in sexual relations, love may be translated into hatred, for this might bring survival of the wrong family. The dynamic causes compulsions. When dominated by it, individuals do not understand or control their own behavior. They are automatons. A harmless incident may be followed by rage due to faulty functioning on the part of the unconscious interpretive apparatus. It may be much as if a demon has taking over. When the rage is over, there may be sorrow, remorse and the ]most apologetic reaction.

There were three different symbols employed by the ancients to represent Scorpio and the family survival dynamic, the scorpion, the serpent and the eagle. It has been said that the eagle was supposed to portray the higher manifestations of Scorpio, the Scorpion was supposedly representing the lower manifestations.

We understand why the eagle was sometimes employed as a symbol when we realize that in its harmonious application the dynamic produces executive ability. It enables one to direct the activities of others, which is helpful to family survival, for the good executive is able to support his family.

Scorpio can be very human and empathic rather than sympathetic. The sympathetic or compassionate person may suffer pain upon seeing someone wounded, but the empathic person will act. Instead of feeling pain, he will rise to the occasion. This has to be characteristic of the surgeon, for all surgery seems linked with this dynamic. He cannot do his work efficiently if he faints at the sight of blood.

Scorpio supplies ability to direct others and obey commands of superiors, often producing good military men. Theodore Roosevelt and General George Patton are to be included. There is the ability to arouse emotion in others, as demonstrated by the two outstanding evangelists of this century, Billy Sunday and Billy Graham, driven by the sex dynamic.


The primitive purpose of PISCES is Social Survival. The second dynamic places greater value on the family than on the individual. It is more important for the family to survive. The third dynamic places greater value on social survival and may sacrifice the individual and the family in the general interest of society.

The third is the strangest, and perhaps most interesting, of survival dynamics. It is a principle overlooked by Darwin, for it involves survival of the weak. The interests of the individual and the family may be ignored. Socialism is merely an expression of this dynamic. We also see its better manifestation in such organizations as The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, The Salvation Army, The Red Cross, etc. We see it in social legislation.

Unfortunately, the negative manifestations are more often in evidence, because the individual is having difficulty in discovering his or his families relationship with a confused and mixed up society that wants to be proper. Maladjustment in the functioning of this dynamic leads to insanity and illness of other forms. There is subconscious confusion. Primitive astrological interpretations linked Pisces with prisons, hospitals, institutions, the underworld, scandal, fraud, deception, crime, secretiveness, alcohol, drugs, anesthetics. When we see how the pieces fit together, they look less primitive.

The great problem here is that the individual senses the evils and hypocrisy of society and has no clear plan as to what should be done about them. Society uses every foul means of justifying itself. It glorifies itself by claiming to be an image of God, kills and eats other beings and justifies itself by believing that God planned it that way, giving Man dominance over all beings. Sins are justified by incorporating them into a religion and declaring it to be the will of God. Children are taught they must respect evil authorities and evil parents. In the name of God, great works like those of Copernicus and Kepler were banned by the church while false conceptions of Ptolemy were upheld by the church. In the name of religion, virtues are declared to be sins while sins are upheld as virtues, and the individual is not looked upon as proper unless blindly accepting the false doctrines. Violence, oppression, murder and theft are all glorified by the mere declaration of a holy war. The individual finds that to be a respected part of society, it is necessary to keep virtue and sin so closely identified that they become indistinguishable. The automatic reaction of nature results in various forms of illness including mental illness.

Sympathy and compassion are qualities of Pisces. They are greater than any respect for law, order or convention. These become secondary. The law is circumvented. The objective must be achieved, secretly if necessary, but very often an illegal course is followed. The effort to pack the Supreme Court was a manifestation of this dynamic. Socialism need not be considered as a product of Man. It is the functioning of the social survival dynamic. There is compassion for the underdog, the downtrodden, the abnormal, the sick, the weak, the beggar, the criminal, the servants, the employees, the lower classes, lower beings, pets, animals, the alcoholic, the dope addict, etc.

Just as the first two survival dynamics are often misdirected, the third survival dynamic is more often misdirected. When the unconscious interpretive apparatus begins pushing up emotions founded upon misinterpretations, there are many weird results. A sympathetic newspaper editor and his family once tried to convince the writer that Al Capone was one of America's greatest humanitarians. You will find an ample number of persons to defend most gangsters and criminals. The answer lies in the fact that there is some good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us and a lot of bad in the sum of society. This was a fact that Warden Lawes tried to recognize. This dynamic was strong in his birth chart, and he was the country's greatest prison system reformer. Nature occasionally revolts against society's evils in strange ways.

The ancients associated Pisces with the feet. It is also to be associated with rhythm. Peasants dance to rhythm. This dynamic predominates in the birth charts of musicians. Savages and primitive people always dance to rhythm and associate it with religion More advanced people dance to rhythm. We dance with our feet. A love of poetry is an expression of this dynamic. Poetry is rhythm. Rhythm seems to be some form of expression of the social survival dynamic. L. Ron Hubbard lists the sense of rhythm among the unknown number of series.

This dynamic became extremely strong in 1933, and the country was swept by new social legislation in an effort to protect "the forgotten man." Much of it survived and became a part of society, but other parts3 such as the National Recovery Act, fell by the wayside. In our own country, waves of people turned to Stalin Communism, evidence of poor functioning on the part of the unconscious interpretive apparatus. The motive may have been worthy but resulted from unconscious misinterpretation.

The pathological liar is not a willful liar. He is not conscious that he is not telling the truth. He is having trouble with this dynamic. We have many pathological liars. They prove quite successful in sel1ing and in advertising. Business men seek them out.

When this dynamic functions healthily, the psychic faculty results. There is the ability to read the minds of others, while dreams may be accurate video of what is occurring elsewhere. One may tuning into Jung's collective unconscious.

When the dynamic is functioning improperly, one's social relations present problems, and a hunger develops, a hunger for cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. There is an attempt to escape.

In an effort to overcome the enemies of' society, or those persons momentarily interpreted to be enemies of society, the method is not a frontal attack, but one to trick, ensnare, deceive, trap, persuade, suggest, hypnotize and overcome with propaganda. We see this dynamic functioning daily in international relations. We fill our State Department with people in whom this dynamic is powerful, at times with abnormal results.

This dynamic was strong in the birth chart of Luther Burbank, who reformed botany and treated flowers like children. He talked to them, and maintained that they responded to his love and affection.

Too often, lofty motives are without means of achievement, and they are said to be impractical. They are impractical when they ignore the existence of the first and second survival dynamics. This third dynamic is often considered impractical or impracticable by organized society. Any share-the-wealth policy is usually frowned upon by those who momentarily possess the wealth. Such a policy is interpreted as being in conflict with the individual survival dynamic and the family survival dynamic, and both may react and function against the social survival dynamic. Someone may go to jail. Every Robin Hood has conflict between the first and third survival dynamics. Some very weird results follow conflict between the second and third survival dynamics.

A woman client who had inherited a good deal of money and had no cause for any fear or insecurity was considerably mixed up. Surgery had been employed to remove her gall bladder and appendix, which had grown faulty, but she continued confused. Her birth chart showed a terrific conflict between the second and third survival dynamics, a conflict between social survival and family survival.

She confessed that throughout her marital life she had committed continuous adultery with numerous men, and that her four children were of different fathers. She covered her indiscretions well. She was unsuspected by neither her husband nor society, for she was a leader in various philanthropic organizations and highly regarded in her community. Her indiscretions always involved men from a lower social stratum, often men she employed.

We begin to see light when she tells us that her behavior was not so much the result of any sex passion as the result of a deep feeling within her own emotions that men needed her. It gave her satisfaction to believe that she was filling a social need. Unconsciously, she was helping men continue the existence of families. It was a sort of communistic family institution. She had the money to support the children.

The symbol for Pisces was two fish attempting to swim in opposite directions but tied together by reeds. You can draw your own conclusions about what this symbol was intended to portray. It might illustrate the inability of individuals to function as such, since they are tied together within the emotions (Water) by the social survival dynamic. The individual finds it impossible to function alone because he is part of society whether he wishes to be or not.

In the accompanying diagram, we have emphasized the Water signs. The triangle in the zodiac referred to as the Water Triplicity represents the life survival dynamics. Opposite each Water sign is an Earth sign. Water is always opposed by earth in the zodiac. The Water and Earth signs together can be represented by the six-pointed star, made by overlapping two triangles. We find it atop every Jewish Synagogue.

As you study these three basic life dynamics you will realize that we are dealing with something very deep in nature, something that has been functioning for thousands of years, without folks knowing much about it, although the ancients appear to have known about it. You will ultimately watch these dynamics function mathematically and geometrically, and you will realize how crude is a society that attempts to control itself and its destiny without mathematical or other knowledge of these dynamics. Left to fight it out among themselves, these dynamics might result in annihilation rather than survival, but nature has provided a system of shock absorbers to condition the functioning and prevent it from getting completely out of hand. These shock absorbers are the Earth Sighs. An Earth Sign is always there, opposite a Water Sign. In our next lesson, we will deal with these EARTH SIGNS.

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